Stockhabo was founded in 2001 in Mouscron by Xavier Haspeslagh and his wife Christine Bouckaert. Today they are still active in the company.

After several expansions, Stockhabo acquires Devagel, located in Mouscron, in 2010. In doing so, it doubles its storage capacity in order to cope with the ever-growing customer base.

In 2015 Stockhabo will further expand with a third site, within easy reach, Stockhabo ICE.

Today Stockhabo can offer 100,000 pallet spaces, but the construction of a fully automated warehouse on the Stockhabo ICE site will change this. In the spring of 2019, the number of pallet places will increase from 100,000 to 162,000 pallet places.


Our storage formulas are all temperature controlled, depending on the chosen zones.

We guarantee an uninterrupted cold chain thanks to the loading docks also maintained at a temperature of -18 °.

Frozen at -20°C - 85000 pallet locations
Ambient - 6000 pallet locations
14 - 18°C - 4500 pallet locations
Fridge - 2000 pallet locations
Storage sites in Mouscron
Loading docks
Pallet locations