14-18°C constantly

Separate storage of chocolate to a guaranteed temperature between +14 – +18 °.

BIO Storage

Organic’ products storage is available through our certification.

Tempering and freezing

Next to the storage we can also quick-freeze your goods or slowly temper them in our special cell. This is perfect for butter, meat, poultry etc.

Voice picking

Through our voice picking system, your orders are ready even faster while errors are completely avoided.

WMS System

Our warehouse management system allows customers to check online the stock of their goods.

EDI System

Once the communication has been established between our system of electronic data interchange and that of our customers, the commands can be sent automatically to minimize and eliminate human errors.


Stockhabo-Devagel has the following certifications : BRC, BIO, ACS17, HACCP, auto-control certificate and customs warehousing.
Stockhabo and Stockhabo ICE are AEO accredited.


Control system

In order to guarantee you an optimal quality, all the zones are continuously under controlled temperature, various alarm systems are in place.

Stock online

Stock Online : the stock of goods can be consulted online at any time.

Others services

At the request of our customers, we can also offer the following services :
Cross docking, picking, containers, freezing, tempering, customs warehouseing.


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